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NOTE//Please leave your contact phone number or an e-mail address with your message. Our pre-appointments are not automatically confirmed and serve as a reminder only that your eye exam is due. Our staff will contact you via your number or via e-mail to confirm or reschedule your appointment if you were unable to do so.

For urgent requests please send us a message with Urgent in the subject bar and describe to us as to the nature of your emergency.   

We are conveniently located in 

St Laurent Mall inside Point of View Optical on the Ground Floor opposite Cinnabon and accessed through the

Toys R Us entrance 

Temporary Location 

​St Laurent Mall

1200 St Laurent Boulevard Unit 100

Ottawa, Ontario 

​K1K 3B8

Telephone:  +1.613 841 2324

Fax:            +1 613 841 5280