• Are you interested in how Contact Lenses can fit into your lifestyle? 
  • There are many options now available especially with the advent of One Day Multifocal/Bifocal Contact lenses
  • We can help you temporarily change your eye colour with Coloured Soft Contact Lenses or make your eyes look younger with Circle style lenses.
  • You may purchase 1 month 3 months 6 months or one year of lenses as available in that lens range. We can ship lenses to practically anywhere in Canada! 
  • We perform comprehensive Contact Lens fittings where our doctors will work with you to choose a lens that fits your eyes as well as your needs.
  • Dr. King does limited Hard Lens/RGP fittings but we do not carry the fitting kits for Keratoconic RGP lenses at this time. 
  • Our Fittings are comprehensive and are priced to your needs. We do Teach Insertion and removal of Hard and Soft Contact Lenses. 

Special Needs?

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Contact Lens Fittings

  • Our Clinic is equipped with a chair mover to accommodate patients who cannot transfer out of a Wheelchair.​
  • We are able to do the tests and fill the forms for applications to many agencies e.g. RCMP, Ottawa Police Service We also can fill MOT Vision assessment forms. 
  • Did you know that one of the fastest ways to get your eye infection tended to is at your Eye Doctor's Office?
  • Many patients don't realise that Optometrists have the equipment to help diagnose and treat eye infections from the simplest Pink eye to the more serious Uveitis.
  • We are also able to tell you when those pesky floaters are something to worry about or if they are simply a part of normal aging. ​
  • The next time you or a loved one has an eye infection you may want to give Dr. King’s Clinic a call. 
  • Our Doctors are all able to Co-Manage Laser vision corrective surgery. 
  • On your first consultation we will advise you on your eligibility as a candidate for Laser vision correction. ​
  • We will forward your information to the Laser clinics that you choose and will perform the follow up visits post Laser vision correction if you so choose. 


Laser Vision Correction Co-Management 

Eye Infections.